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We save you money by ensuring that your reporting is on time, potentially saving you costly penalties and interests.

A Team Of

Highly skilled bookkeeping services coupled with a full experienced tax department through Happy Tax, we focus on what we do best so you can too!

Increase Your

Enhance your reporting with forecasting, budgeting and data analysis so you can manage your business and resources better.

Our Services

Covered in these areas

Quickbook Creations

From general ledger creation, receivables, payables, inventory tracking, payroll, adjusting entries, we can handle all of your bookkeeping needs the way you feel comfortable

Bookkeeping Cleanup

We specialize in taking problem books over and cleaning them up with fully reconciled balances. No project should be too embarrassing, save your self the hassle and let us take the burden off of you.


Our accounting experts support the clients for reconciliation of their accounts whether it is bank reconciliation, customers’ ledger reconciliation, suppliers’ ledger reconciliation, inter company reconciliation or any other statements/ledger.

Financial Reporting

The best business owners know their numbers. Sometimes it’s just hard to get organized yourself! Let us come up with a system that works for you so that you can get regular financial reports and get a handle on what your business income and expenses are!

GE Tax Filings

It’s better to file on time and pay late. The late filing penalty is hefty! 5% of the tax due for each month it is late! Let us keep you on time and caught up! We specialized on helping you stay legit

Business, Individual & Crypto Income Taxes

With tax services provided through Happy Tax, we not only provide individual income tax services, but we can offer partnerships, corporations, non-profit, estate, trusts and even crypto-currency tax returns! Let us be your one stop shop.

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Did you know that

Most business owners spend more time working IN their business instead of working ON it?

The more time you spend working personally on your books leaves you less time to focus on growing your business and generating revenue. You didn’t start your business to get stuck in administrating the details! Let us do what we do best so you can too.

Customer service,
reliability and accuracy
is what we promise!

We can design your bookkeeping to work for you

  • Pick up or drop off service available
  • Cloud/Virtual services available
  • Transparent charges and timely reporting
  • We are an extension of your business!

I spent my whole career building other people’s businesses as an employee and wearing many hats. This time I am helping dozens of business owners build their businesses by doing what I do best, and I want to help you too!

Tricia DragoOwner Banyan Accounting Franchisee & Area Representative for Happy Tax

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