Business &
Individual Income Taxes

Business & Individual Income Taxes in Honolulu

At Banyan Accounting, we are your one-stop-shop for all your income tax needs.  Whether you’re a student, employee, business owner, or dabble in the stock market, we can comprehensively help you with it all!  Our experienced team will expertly navigate the complexities of the current tax code and come up with the best tax strategy for your unique situation.  We have saved our clients thousands of dollars in additional tax savings for their homes, businesses, and investments.

Worked for your employer in 3 states last year?  We’ve got you covered.

S Corp or Partnership?  No Problem!  We can get you filed in plenty of time for your special March deadline. 

Rental properties?  We can help you find additional deductions you may not have considered.  

Complicated tax situation and you don’t know where to begin?  Contact us and we will get our caring experts on the phone to help you from start to finish.


Business & Individual Income Taxes in Honolulu

Business owners and individuals alike have been taking advantage of the many tax code changes. It has opened a whole new world of opportunity. However, there have also been many challenges with our tax code over the past few years. Take a closer look at our tax solutions and pick the option that suits your requirements. We are ready to work with you on how to improve your tax situation and do everything according to federal and state law in Hawaii.

Find out what you owe and what you can deduct with our tax services near Honolulu. If you don’t know the precise details about your situation or if you’re curious about potential loopholes, feel free to reach out to us. We have extra staff during tax season so that we can offer you a quick, concise solution for all your tax needs.

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